What is really going on?

Covid-19 is the biggest project in the history of humankind.
The biggest by its financial dimension, exceeding multifolds of global GDP.
It is the most complex project, as it has reset all economy and non-commercial social services, impacted all areas of our work and life.
Covid-19 has been in preparation for several decades. Some components are thousands of years old, the imagery has been presented as early as 1992 at the opening ceremony of Barcelona Olympics, in 2000 in the document of Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, forecasts of virus outbreaks have been presented by Bill Gates at TED Talks, before 2018 all key technologies for the Covid-19 project have been patented, at the last War Office exercise – Event 201 in New York in October 2019, main protagonists have rehearsed the scenario, with the great emphasis on information overflowing the population.

We are dealing with undoubtedly the biggest project and we have to ask ourselves – what is the purpose of this project.
The answer to this question is given in a very detailed, perversely coded, way. By 2030 »You will own nothing and you’ll be happy!«. What they do not reveal is that they intend to own everything, establish a monopoly of all resources on the planet, they will rent you little something, including air, water and your bodies. And UBI tokens injected in your bodies with vaccines. For all of us the billionaires’ agendas mean accelerated poisoning, illnesses, loss of jobs and wealth, early death.

Vision of survival – staticaly looking, there is no solution. Not within the system that has resulted in a present situation. Billionaires have established more than hundred years back a monetary system, which enables them, to poison and kill people in a way so that we, the people, are paying for that ourselves. Consequently they have at their disposal unlimited funds for establishing one global government, a superfascist corporate global command. Political networks and academia are corrupted, which is also the case with substantial part of the middle class. Substantial part of citizens are hypnotized, frightened, blackmailed. Also those, who have figured out that something was terribly wrong, remain compliant, as they see no alternative.

The solution, however, is there. It will be achieved only by the organized NO to globalization, transhumanism, technocracy and resolute YES to fully implemented sovereignity of national states, YES to sovereginity and citizen’s rights and liberties, YES to constitutional democracy by the people for the people, YES to natural life and spirituality.